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Creative Fall Centerpieces Featuring Natural Elements

Centerpiece Basket with Fall Elements
  • Centerpiece Basket with Fall Elements

    A bowlful of bounty makes a simply stunning centerpiece for your fall table. Pile squash, shallots, onions, nuts, and pears in a woven basket or tray along with a few dried naturals from a crafts store or  outside. You'll have an autumn conversation piece that takes just minutes to pull together.

  • Red Leaves in Blue Vases

    Create stunning contrast in this fire-and-ice centerpiece by using bold red leaves and cool blue vases. A multitude of fresh red oak branches capture autumn's essence while coastal blue vessels add showstopping pop.

  • Cabbage-Filled Centerpiece

    Swap a traditional glass vase for a head of dramatic purple cabbage. Hollow out the center with a metal spoon or pineapple corer, then place wet florist's foam or a small jar of water inside. Loosely arrange flowers -- peonies, roses, dahlias, and more -- then surround the blooms with artichokes and flowering kale or curly lettuce. For candles, trim the stem from a napa cabbage. Wrap the leaves around tumblers, tie with string, and float tea lights in water for a glittering glow.

  • Glass Cloche Fall Display

    Bring the wonders and awe of fall inside using a beautiful, bounty-filled bell jar as a centerpiece. For the bottom, use a shallow terra-cotta bulb dish to spotlight mini pumpkins and a sprig of oak leaves on a bed of moss. Any terrarium, or even a glass cake cover, can stand in. Let a few pumpkins, leaves, and an apple or two, spill outside the glass onto the table.

  • Potted Tree Branches

    Bright orange jack-o'-lanterns aren't the only elements worthy of a fall celebration.  Let colorful branches stand tall in clay pots. Surround with shapely gourds and other fall knickknacks.

    Editor's Tip: If you're using a porous vase, like these clay pots, put the branches in a jar filled with water before placing in the pots.

  • Branches and Blooms Centerpiece

    Gather garden mums and arrange away for an instant fall-style upgrade. Look for pom-pom, anemone, quill, spider, brush or thistle, single, and double mums -- all plentiful in gardens and grocery stores throughout fall. We've arranged clusters of the same flowers from light to dark for a stunning look. Put them in same-size vases, then wrap the vase collection with fabric.

  • Gilded Fall Centerpiece

    Create an elegant, colorful centerpiece using a gilded pitcher and a brilliant bouquet of flowers. To make, lightly spray roses, dahlias, and rose hips with gold glitter paint to echo the shine of the pitcher.

  • Multicolor Fall Leaves Centerpiece

    Seize the moment when summer turns to fall. Gather bunches of leaves in the same species and in the same range of colors -- from green to yellow -- for a showy, seasonal statement. Be sure to look for big, fan-shape leaves to capture the gentle wave in hues.

  • Glass Containers Centerpiece

    Footed glass containers hold ribbons, beans, and nuts in this fall centerpiece. A copper tray adds sophistication to the display and makes the brown-hue decoration portable.

  • Video: Fall Centerpiece Ideas

  • Fall Branches in Vase

    Freshly fallen from an autumn tree, this centerpiece idea is simple and sweet. Choose a bouquet of maple, oak, sweetgum, dogwood, or persimmon leaves, which typically develop the brightest hues. Then fill the rounded clear vase halfway with water.

  • Corn and Candles Centerpiece

    Dried corn kernels in a plain glass jar create a cozy spot for candles. Look for candles with autumn aromas to give your centerpiece even more fall appeal.

  • Painted Acorns Centerpiece

    Oak trees drop beautiful elements perfect for a fall centerpiece. Acorns become easy ornaments with a coat of acrylic paint on the seeds and loops of twine glued to the caps. Drape the acorn ornaments on a branch slipped inside a shapely vase. Place the vase on a silver tray filled with unpainted acorns. Bright red accents -- vase, napkins, and place mats -- add vibrant appeal.

    Editor's Tip: Choose an accent that suits your tableware palette. The hues of fall -- red, orange, gold, and yellow -- are particularly lovely in accessories, but blue, purple, and green shades also add an unexpected burst of color to the nut-brown vignette.

  • Pretty Pumpkin Centerpiece

    Stack in-season pumpkins on a pretty pedastal or rounded tray for a lively centerpiece. Be sure to elevate them based on contrasting colors and size, then underneath, use a bright table runner that complements the different hues. For texture, tuck in a few bittersweet branches.

  • Corks and Candles Centerpiece

    Play the rustic, uneven colors and natural textures of wine corks against the smooth shimmer of clear glass for a simple and elegant fall centerpiece. A large footed glass candleholder lifts the scene above the table setting, while a white votive shimmers in the center of the medley of corks. Set the sophisticated neutral centerpiece on a bright table runner to set the scene with fall color.

    Editor's Tip: For more fall flavor, tuck brightly colored leaves or berries amid the corks. Make sure any flammable elements are protected from the candle flame.

  • Wheat in Doorknob Display

    Junk-drawer finds, such as old copper doorknobs, become unexpected centerpieces. Tuck in some seasonal grasses. We used sea oats (Chasmanthium) for our display and --mvoila! -- a fall masterpiece in minutes.

  • Video: How to Make a Wheat Centerpiece

    Watch Sandra Lee celebrate the harvest season by making an elegant wheat centerpiece.

  • Bittersweet Pumpkin Centerpiece

    White pumpkins and twisted vines of bittersweet put on an unrivaled display. Wrap long berry-laden vines two or three times around medium-size pumpkins, and secure the ends with florist's wire. Parade the wrapped pumpkins down the center of the table. Add to the warm autumn mood with glass votives partially filled with bittersweet berries. Bittersweet vines are also lovely tucked into a colored glass bottle, swirled inside a clear hurricane, or used as an accent with other fall plants.

    Editor's Tip: To better preserve the color of bittersweet berries, keep the cut ends of the stems in about an inch of water while the berries dry out for a few days. Bittersweet berries hold their color for several weeks, making them a long-lasting seasonal accent.

  • Pears, Nuts, and Leaves Basket

    For a centerpiece that's quick to make and easy on your pocketbook, bring nuts and pears into the mix. A simple black basket keeps the focus on the inner contents, and some fallen leaves add a splash of fall color to the arrangement.

  • Fall Leaves in Beakers

    It's all about the leaves in this display. Stroll the neighborhood for the prettiest fallen leaves, then group them in beakers or tiny clear vases. A stack of plates adds height without distracting. Getting dry after a week? Simply sub in a new fall find.

  • White Pumpkin Wreath Centerpiece

    Orange and gold may be the traditionalcolors of fall, but the ghostly hues of white pumpkins and pale pistachios have their own appeal. Design an intriguing centerpiece by gluing miniature white pumpkins to a straw wreath. Glue pistachios in the open spaces to cover the wreath. A white pillar candle set in the center completes the nature-focused tone-on-tone look.

    Editor's Tip: If you prefer orange pumpkins, create a similar monochromatic look with miniature orange pumpkins, bittersweet sprigs, and an orange pillar candle.

  • Cattails Centerpiece

    Create simple but striking arrangements with autumn beauties. A single cattail stalk with its fuzzy brown head and slender green stalk is lovely on its own. Grouped in individual green glass cylinder vases, the cattail stems' simplicity takes on dramatic elegance. Nest the stalks in a base of dried nuts, beans, or stones to echo the brown heads. You also can create a grouping of single stems using ornamental grasses, coneflower seed heads, or dried hydrangea blooms.

  • Bottled Flower Arrangement

    When arranged in multiple tiny vessels, two bouquets of store-bought flowers -- miniature orange roses and red and chartreuse chrysanthemums -- have big impact. Divvy up the blooms into mismatched bottles or glasses, accenting them with snips of crabapple berries and grasses. Set the vases on a tray and toss a handful of acorns and nutmeg to play up the season.

  • Milk Jugs with Fall Elements

    A stroll through nature brings the beauty of autumn home -- especially when you gather a few reminders to enjoy in vintage milk jugs or other ceramic containers. Anything goes in this display -- cattails, moss-covered stems, and fall berries feel natural together.

  • Tray with Fall Fruits

    Dress up your dining table -- without hindering conversation -- by making a festive, low-profile centerpiece. Cut branches of hypericum berries and chartreuse spider chrysanthemums short enough to just peek over the tops of several glass vases; then arrange them down the center of a long tray. Fill out the rest of the tray with apples, pears, and bunches of elderberries to create an abundant display.

  • Video: Simple Centerpieces from Nature

    Bored with your fruitful centerpiece? Bedazzle fall apples and pears with jewels and gems for bling that's sure to shine. Watch this video for step-by-step directions.

  • Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece

    In this seasonal centerpiece, autumnal flowers give pumpkins a floral makeover. To make, cut flowers (such as mums) at the top of their stem, just below the flower head. Hot-glue each blossom to an uncut pumpkin. A pedestal, gourds, and fall leaves complete the centerpiece.

  • Pail of Leaves Centerpiece

    All it takes is a vintage pail and some leaves from Mother Nature to make this fallworthy centerpiece. Place magnolia leaves into a bucket, using florist's foam to keep the arrangement in place. The arrangement works best if you place tall leaves in back and shorter leaves in front.

    Editor's Tip: For extra color, tuck a few fresh (or dried) flowers into the pail.

  • Rose Candleholders Fall Centerpiece

    Simple wood candleholders become centerpieceworthy when dressed up with roses and greenery. Soak florist's foam until saturated and gently tape to the top of the candlestick. Insert roses in small groupings, then add hypericum to finish. Candles with a wood pattern play up the natural sophistication of the display.

    Editor's Tip: Let the display sit on a towel for a few minutes, as the florist's foam will drip at first.

  • Wheat in Copper Ring Centerpiece

    A touch of copper turns garden-variety grasses into long-lasting, elegant bouquets. Here, a copper pipe coupler holds purple fountain grass, horsetail, and maiden grass in a freestanding display.

  • Yellow Berries and White Beans Centerpiece

    Dried beans make an inexpensive yet chic autumn vase filler -- and you'll likely have them in your pantry. For this arrangement, we filled a cylinder glass vase with two inches of white beans and added a branch of yellow berries. You also can use red kidney beans with orange berries.

  • Centerpiece of Gourds and Red Sunflowers

    A pumpkin and gourds complement an urn filled with an autumnal arrangement of red sunflowers and leaves. The muted colorsof the pumpkin and gourds allow the bold sunflowers to steal the show in this fall centerpiece.

  • Leaf and Flower Bundle

    Small rose bouquets rest beside a linen satchel supporting a branch of fall-color leaves. Before placing it in the linen bag, secure the branch in a planter with florist's foam to help it stay upright. If it's top-heavy, weigh it down with stones or use a smaller branch.

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